Career Guidance Program
February 23, 2023

A workshop to help 12th Grade students choose a career path.

 The guests, volunteers and staff helped answer the students' questions and learn more about the professions in our society that best fit each child's personality, as well as what schools/majors they should choose to achieve their goals.

Prior to the workshop, the students took a character and career test to help us learn about their personalities and give orientation more effectively

To begin, we played a game called “Job Descriptions Game” as an ice-breaking activity to imitate some common jobs and warm the atmosphere. We also showed them tables of their character groups with suitable careers before sharing specific ones for each of them.
A small personality test at the office. A mini game as an ice-breaking activity.

Tho Tho discusses matching character groups, majors with suitable careers.


For this year's workshop, we invited speakers who have experience in various fields.

For vocational training, REACH Academy, a center that trains and helps students in several common occupations, shared about what they are training and the advantages of their short courses.


LOVE and 4 other special speakers shared about studies at college/university after the sharing of REACH Center. We prepared 5 rooms for 5 groups of occupations including Engineering/Information Technology, Foreign Language/Service-Tourism, Pedagogy, Economic Field, and Psychology/Social Work. These are the majors and professions that are currently being trained for and popularized in Da Nang as well as other cities.

Each of these meetings took place for 20 minutes and 12th graders had one more chance to join the second room after they attended the first one. Here they can get to know about what the job means, what they have to do to prepare to attend university, what they will study, and much more.


Engineering/Information Technology

Foreign Language/Service-Tourism

The speaker is Manh Linh, a former sponsored child in our program. Now he is very successful in IT field. A friend of ours who owns a small company related to Service/Tourism helps us in this field.


Economic Field

Our speaker – Teacher Than with 40 years of experience in teaching Kim Anh, a former student who lived in one of our student houses and is currently very successful in economic and business field, is the speaker.

Psychology/Social Work

A staff member and I held this session. We are so glad and proud that many children choose to join this room. This means that they care much about the poor and needy and have a heart for them.


Finally, we also gave a short list of other jobs, for which they can receive vocational training in vocational schools or in shops, if students would not attend any course of education mentioned above.

Huy gives students a list of majors and jobs that they can choose in the path of vocational training.

We feel so great that all the 12th graders can have suitable choices for themselves after the workshop. We will continue to observe and give them more advice to help them be on their right way.

Time to take a group picture! Some of our students had to leave soon for their studies.

The 12th grade is one of the most important milestones for students where they have to make a decision for their future. Most of them have to struggle a lot to think about what they shall do after high school graduation, and which is the best choice between vocational training at a center or education at a college/university. The workshop of career guidance is meant to help them answer their questions. Most of the guests were Christians so we also showed a lot of Christian value to our students by answering their questions and giving them valuable advice. Thank you so much for your helpe and caring for these students over the past years. Please pray for us and for them!

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