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Birthday: June 7, 2015

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 3

Favorite Subject: Math

Dream/ Hobbies: Swimming

Father: Labor export worker
Baby sitter

Number of Siblings: 3

Children in School: 1

Family Income: $190/mo.

A Hoang De




Hailing from Kontum, my family sought a better life in Da Nang. We settled in a modest room on the outskirts of the bustling city. Both of my parents toil as workers, striving to provide for our family. However, adversity struck when the company my mother worked for folded earlier this year. In addition, my mother recently gave birth to our newest family member, a mere 9 months ago. In the hired room, we are a family of six, relying solely on my father's meager earnings to cover our expenses. My father was supported by the government to go on a labor export program in Russia. He has just been there for a month working as a factory worker. My mother has applied for a babysitting job at a daycare center so that she can take care of my younger siblings while also earning extra income. However, our lives are still extremely difficult and my mother is under a lot of pressure at this time.



In our family's challenges, I remain dedicated to my studies. I'm currently in the third grade and have a deep love for Math. Despite not being able to afford extra classes, I've always worked hard in school. However, the uncertainty of whether my parents can afford my tuition, let alone for my younger siblings, weighs heavily on my mind. I fear having to drop out of school due to financial. I hope for a helping hand to ensure that I can continue my education without worrying about tuition fees.


Family Members:

·    A Den (1994) – Father – Labor export
·    Y Ngoc Anh (1998) – Mother – Babysitter
A Tieu Hai Dang (2019) – Brother – Kindergarten
A Tieu Hai Dong (2021) – Brother – Kindergarten
A Hoang Duc (2023) – Brother – Kindergarten

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