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Birthday: January 18, 2008

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 10

Favorite Subject: Math

Dream career: Teacher

Father: Electronics repair

Mother: Housewife

Number of Siblings: 3

Children in School: 4

Dang Vu Khanh Nhu

Family Income: $173/mo.



My family has six people: my parents, my 3 younger sisters and me. My mother used to work as a garment worker but the company was broken and laid off the employees. Now, my mother is a housewife and takes care of my family, sometime she cleans houses for people to earn a little. Therefore, all the income is almost from my father. He is an electronics repairman. People sometimes bring their broken electrical stuff to my father to fix and he earns money from that. His income is passive and unstable because now people have their stuff repaired at big stores instead.  My parents are struggling a lot to cover our daily expenses and school fees, and they cannot afford it all.



I am the eldest child and my 3 younger sisters are going to school. Our study and day-boarding costs are putting a heavy burden on my parents' shoulders. On the other hand, we all love school and have our own dreams. I am quite good at Math and dream of being a teacher in the future. I have passed into the high school I wanted and my school year will soon begin. I really desire a helping hand so that I can have a better education's condition and my parents' burden is somewhat released. I am deeply grateful! 


Family Members:

  • Dang Xuan Tam (1981) – Father
  • Vu Thi Ai Diem (1982) – Mother
  • Dang Vu Khanh Nhi (2012) – Sister – Grade 6
  • Dang Vu Le Vi (2020) – Sister - Kindergarten


L.O.V.E.'s Note: The girl is very hard-working and smart. She helps her parents a lot with household chores and taking care of her younger sisters. She deserves a sponsorship to keep motivation in school. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.