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Birthday: July 23, 2005

Gender: Female

School Level: 1st/4 yrs.

Major: Hotel Management

Desired profession: Tour guide

Father: Blacksmith

Mother: Housekeeper

Children in School: 1

Huynh Thị Kim Ngan

Family Income: $117/mo.



I was born in a poor and difficult family. My mother has been suffering from heart issue for years, and she had a heart operation ten years ago. She now is a housekeeper and the main earner in the family even her health is not well. She has earned around $117 per month to pay for the room rent, our daily food, and my school costs. My father has been working as a blacksmith for many years, yet recently he is not well, and then the doctor told him that he has laryngeal cancer and is getting his treatment at the hospital. More burden of family finances is on my mother's little shoulder now.



I am a first-year student at Dong A University. My major is Hotel management. At this stage, I and my family really hope to receive some kind of help so that I can graduate and get my bachelor's after finishing my 4th year. I dream of becoming a tour guide and then can help my parents somehow. 


Family Members:

  • Huynh Ngoc Can (1969) – Father
  • Nguyen Thị Cam (1972) - Mother


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