Please Sponsor Me!

Birthday: February 16, 2005

Gender: Female

University Level: 1st/4 years

Major: Business English

Desired Profession: Marketer

Father: Carpenter

Mother: Unskilled Labor

(cervical cancer)

Number of Siblings: 2

Children in School: 2

Family Income: $152/mo.

Le Thi Ha




I am living with my parents and nephew. My two older siblings got married and now live elsewhere. Where we live is in a poor rural area and my parents are only manual laborers, so their income is quite low. My father is a carpenter but can only work on sunny days. Besides, he also has a herniated disc so he cannot do heavy work for too long. In recent years, my mother's health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Previously, my mother earned from selling vegetables, but now she only goes to work occasionally when she feels well. The medical expenses are also a big concern for my parents. My older siblings are struggling to take care of their own families, so they cannot help much. With my high tuition and accomodation fees, my parents are bearing a heavy burden on their shoulders.



I am a quite active girl and I like marketing. I choose Business English as my main major because I want to work at a multinational company in the future so that I can develop myself and help my family and society. I am doing a part-time job at a clothing store in order to cover my personal expenses. However, the tuition is a big worry for me and I am very afraid that my learning path will be interrupted at any time. My parents cannot afford my study fees so I long for a helping hand to keep my study going on and I will have a chance to fulfil my desires. I sincerely thank you!


Family Members:

·         Le Van Tu (1974) – Father – Carpenter

·         Huynh Thi Tho (1976) – Mother – Unskilled Labor

·         Le Gia Huy (2005) – Nephew – Grade 3

L.O.V.E.'s Note:  This girl used to be sponsored a long time ago but her sponsorship had ended. Now, she gets into university and is not able to pay all the study fees. Her parents are in poor health and they can just help a bit with daily meals. Her education is at stake. She does need help again and a family sponsorship is highly recommended.