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Birthday: May 7, 2012

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 6

Favorite Subjects:
     Literature & Biology

Dream/ Hobbies:

Father: Delivery man

Mother: No contact

Number of Siblings: 2

Children in School: 3

Family Income: $152/mo.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan




There are 4 people in my family, including my father, two siblings and me. I am the middle child. When my younger sister was very little, my mother left us without any contact. Therefore, my father alone had to take care of three small children. We are living in a cramped rented room and my father has to struggle to make a living by working many odd jobs. Now, my father's job is delivering goods. Unfortunately, he has a knee ligament stretch due to a traffic accident, so he cannot do the heavy work for a long time resulting in a reduced and unstable income. Having to raise 3 school-aged children and cover all the family expenses alone is too much for my father.



I am in grade 6, my older brother is in grade 11 and my younger sister is in grade 2. My favorite subjects are Literature and Biology. I like to discover new things around, so I spend lots of time reading books. My dream is to become a teacher in the future. My siblings and I all yearn to go to school and follow our dreams, but I know that my father cannot afford my higher education. I hope to receive a helping hand so that my learning path is guaranteed and I can fulfil my dream. I sincerely thank you!


Family Members:

·        Nguyen Nhu Tuan Minh (1977) – Father

·    Nguyen Nhu Nam (2007) – Brother – Grade 11

·    Nguyen Thi Kim Dung (2016) – Sister – Grade 2

L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A family sponsorship is highly recommended.