Please Sponsor Me!

Birthday: January 31, 2004

Gender: Female

University Level: 2nd/3 years

Major: Pharmacy

Desired Profession: Pharmacist

Father: Farmer

Mother: Farmer

Number of Siblings: 4

Children in School: 4

Family Income: $130/mo.

Y Dieu



I am the eldest sister in a family of five children. My family is an ethnic minority living in a poor mountainous area. My parents are both farmers so their income is very little and depends a lot on the weather and crops. Because of difficult family conditions, after finishing high school, my younger brother had to find a job to help the family. Currently, I and my 3 other siblings are of school age. I am also the only person in the village who is going to college. This is both a source of pride but also puts a lot of pressure on my parents because my education costs are beyond their ability. We are really facing many difficulties.



I am currently a second year student and have just over 1 year left to complete my studies. I chose to study pharmacy because I knew it would help me have a job that helps the community as well as provide a source of income that can support my family in the future. My second semester has started and I am really nervous when the new tuition payment period begins. I am very afraid of having to stop studying halfway when the destination is not too far away. I long for help so that I can complete my studies and fulfil my desire. Please help me! 


Family Members:

·  A Thom (1979) – Father – Farmer

·  Y Xanh (1982) – Mother – Farmer

·  A Binh Son (2005) – Brother – Farmer

·  Y Dua (2009) – Sister – Grade 8

·  Y Xi Di (2016) – Sister – Grade 2

·  Y Xi Deu (2019) – Sister – Kindergarten


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A family sponsorship is highly recommended.