Please Sponsor Me!

Birthday: July 28, 2005

Gender: Female

University Level: 1st/4 years

Major: Primary Teacher

Desired Profession: Teacher

Father: Farmer

Mother: Farmer

Number of Siblings: 2

Children in School: 3

Family Income: $90/mo.


Y On Su



I am an ethnic minority from a poor mountainous area, where most young people leave school early. My family lives mainly by farming. However, where my family lives is very barren for raising livestock or farming, so our income is meager and unstable. My mother is the main worker and earner in the family because my father is an alcoholic and does not help her much. Currently, my two siblings and I are of school age. This puts a big burden on my parents' shoulders, especially when I go to university far from home this year with high study and accommodation costs. I struggled a lot to convince my parents to let me go to university because I knew for sure that my life would be better thanks to education. Currently, my family cannot afford to pay for all the family expenses along with my study fees.



I do not have a bicycle. Walking to school every day is both a joy and a driving force for my daily efforts. I will become a primary school teacher in the future, that has been my dream for a long time. I hope to bring knowledge and encourage children in my village to pursue education until the end for a bright future, especially girls. To do that, I really need a helping hand to complete my studies without stopping halfway because of tuition fees. Please help me! 


Family Members:

·        A Dat (1980) – Father – Farmer

·    Y Phong (1982) – Mother – Farmer

·    Y On Sam (2009) – Sister – Grade 9

·    A Phuong Doi (2012) – Brother – Grade 6


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A girl with a small body but extraordinary energy is in dire need of help so that she will not have to drop out of school. The girl's family cannot afford to support her, so a family sponsorship is highly recommended.